Tips to Beautify Your Kitchen: Kitchen Countertop Ideas

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Do you have a plan to remodel or refurnish your kitchen countertop ideas? Is it easy to do or otherwise? Those questions are the basic to think about before you change the countertop. In general, when you look for the ideas, the experts will suggest based on categories such as tile category, DIY (do it yourself), on budget, laminate, white cabinets and modern category.
Then what to do for making the countertop being well – organized and having good types of materials for it? To answer it, you should decide whether you want the impression of openness or bigger kitchen? It will determine whether you will have a lot of work to do in your kitchen or not. If so, it means that you need extra space on the countertop to be clean and clear from the seasonings set or other utensils.
The Tips:

– All in corner
This is the basic knowledge to keep all organized by pushing back all things to the corner. Then it will leave the center to be clear from anything.

– Higher Place
To make more spacious, you can add a chandelier for keeping some things upside. For example near the sink. Rather you just put 2 bottles or jars of liquid hand soap and the washing soap at the edge of the sink, you can put them on the surface (like a tray) of the chandelier. The easy name to call it is cake stand for the sink.

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– Hanging fruit baskets
By hanging on the wall, the fruit baskets can be more useful. It is because you use the vertical space rather than the horizontal space of your cabinet or countertop. The baskets can keep small things into one so you will not get confused to look for one to another spices or food additional stuff.
What other stylish types of the countertops?

– Clear blue theme
This one is using the theme of the beach bringing up on the countertops. You can buy the plain blue one or try the smoking blue of the ocean paradise color. The clear blue color is definitely a thing to brighten your kitchen.

– Blue gray gradation
This one is more neutral but still bringing up the blue which really boosts your day. The gray is the plain and the bridge color for the utensils and the appliances to go with. So, you will have more thematic colors in the kitchen.

– Glass topped theme
With the glass topped, it means that you will have more colorful texture in the kitchen. The glass makes the room gets wider and clear.

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