Kitchen Island Options Your Can Select For Your Dream Kitchen

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How long will you spend your time around the kitchen? If you have L shaped or U shaped kitchen, maybe you only spend times when you want to cook or make some drink, don’t you? Then you will take the food to the dining room or the living room continuing to watch the TV or movies.

However, what if you have a chance to remodel your kitchen layout becoming a kitchen island? Will you think over it and feel grateful for having this kind of kitchen layout? By this, it means you will have mini table or mini bar to give impressions like in the open kitchen.

≈The Look≈
At first, you will not think where the difference between the island kitchen with ordinary kitchen. But when you look carefully, the plus for having this kitchen is that you will have separated places for the stove and the sink.

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In L shaped or U shaped, it seems impossible to make them apart. Firstly it is because the space is limited. And secondly is because you need lots of extra money. The reasons why you can’t have the island type kitchen are started based on how rich you are.

The wider and bigger your kitchen are, it means that the richer you are. Even though your rich condition is like living in the village or something, it does not matter. The matter is that you richer than your neighbors who only have common style kitchen.

So, do not forget that the sink you have will be in the cabinets in the center near the kitchen. Usually it faces the opposite direction from the stove. The stove mostly is placed at the sides of the wall and the sink is still in the kitchen. It gives more flexibility to the owner.

Some people call this type of kitchen style with block kitchen. As the position is in the center of the space, people have to go sides to move out from the kitchen area. The table or cabinet in the center is the point where families will gather together.

And for the current materials that can be used for the island are various. Thecountertop will be the leader of the color to become the focal point where the others as the decoration only.

So, by having the island or block kitchen, people can cook while serving food on the table. It will save more time and energy because the more accessible moves.

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