How to Dress Up a Pantry Door

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A pantry always becomes a part of a home. If you have a pantry, you may be so familiar with pantry door. Beautiful pantry door will add beautiful look in your kitchen. But, some people don’t know the right steps to dress up their pantry. Well, there are so many ideas or tips you can use to dress up the door of your pantry.

First, you can add fun color for the door. A couple coats of a bright hue will make your door of pantry looks more interesting than before. For your recommendation, you can choose sunny yellow or bold blue to dress up the door. It will really make you feel happy when seeing it.

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Second, you can add great detail to the door. For example, you can beautify the door by adding reclaimed wood in one side. You can also try vinyl wood flooring. Adding them to the door will create interesting door that makes you more comfortable when seeing it.

Third, you can use glass-panel door. It will add character to your kitchen. For your recommendation, you can cover the glass squares using frosted paint or translucent contact paper. It is done to keep pantry content hidden.

Fourth, you can create elegant look in your kitchen by adding element of timeworn elegance. It can be done by converting a vintage screen door. To make it looks perfect, you can paint or trim it. For the best result, you can also cover it by using good accent color. But if the screen looks too revealing, you can cover the back of the door with wallpaper or burlap.

Fifth, you can try using a pocket door. A pocket door is good solution for small spaces. Not only that, pocket door is easy to install and easy to be added to any kitchen. The use of pocket door will attract so many people, and will make your pantry looks more interesting than before.

Well, those are some tips for you to dress up the door of your pantry. If you have the best door for your pantry but it still doesn’t make you satisfied, you can change it by using new molding. You just need to install several rows of crown moldings, and then paint the pieces with same color. Then, you will have interesting door.
You can use every tip above to get the door of pantry that you want. Finally, hopefully you can get right inspiration to dress up the door of your pantry.

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