Fun Make Over Your Closet Organizer Ideas

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Who likes tidying the house and cleaning the whole things? Yes, there are people who will get boosted whenever she or he successfully cleans the house. It is such nice activity you can do at home. There are moments when you find cute or funny things around the house from your old memories. But sometimes, you will find difficulty whenever you fell guilty to throw them away.
So, how to make it fun activity to make over your closet organizer ideas? Here are the tips:

1. Proper Hangers
There are some sizes of the hangers that can’t go in to your closet. So, before you buy a lot of hangers, you can measure the length of the hangers beforehand by doing the centimeters measurement or just go with your feeling using your palm of the hand.
And to make clearer partition and function, you can use the wooden hangers for the shirts and jackets. And for the stain or lighter weight of the hangers, you can use it for the delicate items.

2. Use pegboard mount
You must have looked how people share their house arrangement ideas over the internet. And this is one of the famous tips to use it. It is storage for your mini dressing table. you can hang some things using wire hook that easily you can buy.

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3. Shoe boxes
It seems hard to stack your shoes in their places right? You may want to put them near the entrance. In fact, you need to make best shoes stack ever to keep them as gorgeous as they buy it before.

4. Use acrylic or clear plastic drawers
Nowadays, people tend to choose using the drawers from wood or rattan. However, it is just merely for decorative aspects. What about if you think more on how to make your rooms more spacious? The latest solution comes up to use the transparent or clear plastic type of drawers. It shows the content but it gives openness impression.

5. Customized Drawers
Usually we use the close closet which the doors are made from wood. However, it seems the trends are the open and customize drawers. The jackets, shirts, shoes, boots, bags, purses, t-shirts can be put there. But for the underwear, there are close drawers. So the privacy is still being kept nicely.

6. Hang by Hooks
Do you have a lot of bags, scarfs, belts or hijabs? Now you can hang them on the shelves by using the hooks. It does saving your space and well – looked.

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