5 Toy Storage Ideas You Have to Try Immediately

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Every kid always has so many toys. If you have a kid and your kid has so many toys, you have to prepare storage to store it. Nowadays, there are so many ideas for toy storage. You just need to be creative in choosing toy storage. Here are some toy storage ideas you have to try.
First is toy storage from fruit crate. As we know that toy can be storage in every room. When you think about toy storage to be placed in your kid’s bedroom, you can use a fruit crate for toy storage. It is brilliant idea because you just need fruit crate. To make it more interesting, you can spray paint to fruit crate. Finally, you have got the best toy storage to be placed in the bedroom.

Second is toy storage from wine crate. Not only fruit crate, we can also use wine crate as toy storage. You can find it easily. To make it more interesting, you can write interesting word in front of wine crate, such as your kid’s name. For example if your kid name is Tom, you can write “Tom’s Toy” on the wine crate.

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Third is Bunk Bed with storage. It is also brilliant ideas you have to try, especially for you who have 2 kids. Bunk bed with storage can be used as multifunction bed. The bed is for sleeping, and the storage which is usually under the bunk bed can be used for storing your kid’s toy.

Fourth is coffee table with storage. This idea is good for you who want to have toy storage to be placed in the living room. Nowadays, there are so many coffee tables which have storage. So, you can use it as coffee table and also storage for storing your kid’s toy. It also can be used as kid’s book storage.

Fifth is revamped dresser. It is also the choice for you who want to have best storage for toy in the living room. You can choose old wooden dresser with open shelving to put your kid’s toy. Don’t forget to choose revamped dresser which has good color, to make your living room more beautiful.

Well, those are some information for you. We can conclude that some multifunction furniture are so useful because can be used as storage. Using other thing that is not used anymore is also best choice for making toy storage. Finally, hopefully the ideas above will help you to create best kid’s toy storage.

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