5 Floor Vase Ideas to Beautify Your Living Room

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There are so many interior accessories we can put in the living room, such as floor vase. Nowadays, there are so many types of floor vase. Sometime, it makes people feel so confuse to choose the best floor vase to be put in their living room.
Actually, there are so many floor vase ideas we can choose. But, not every idea will match with our living room. We have to match the type of floor vase with the style of our living room. The use of other accessories and also the layout of our living room will also influence the type of floor vase we have to choose. Here are the ideas that may match with our living room:

First is large glass floor vase. Actually, it is a type of floor vase that will match with various interior design styles, especially for you who have chick living room. You can place some white roses on the vase, and it creates the best look in your chick living room. Glass floor vase works well with many interior design styles because it looks elegant and simple.

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Second is striped floor vase. It is also good idea for you who want to create exotic look in your living room. There are so many variations of striped floor vase. You just need to match it with your living room color. Striped floor vase work well in eclectic living room. You can place it above the living room rug, or next to living room sofa.

Third is giant floor vase. Giant floor vase which has dark color such as brown and black can be put on the corner next to the staircase. It will fill up the empty corner and give interesting view in your home. Try to choose giant floor vase which has good color, or match with your living room color.

Fourth is sleek and stylish floor vase. It is good idea for you who live in modern residence. Sleek look of floor vase can bring out esthetic look in your modern residence. You can also combine it with other sleek furniture to make it looks perfect.

Fifth is metallic floor vase. It is good idea for you who have contemporary living room. It can offer textural contrast in our living room, makes your living room more interesting than before. Just put it close to living room sofa or other furniture to make it looks perfect.

Well, those are some ideas for you about floor vase for your living room. You can use the ideas that have been mentioned to get perfect living room. Finally, hopefully this information will be helpful for you, especially for you who need references for finding perfect floor vase.

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