5 Floating Shelves Ideas With 35+ Best Photos

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When we talk about furniture, shelve will be always included into it. Every house needs storage to save many things. But, sometime we don’t have much space to put our storage. When this condition happens, having floating shelves will help us because it saves much space.
We can call it as shelves that are attached to the wall without visible brackets. They look so versatile, space-saving furniture and can store so many things, like books, living room accessories, photo frames, and many more. There are so many ideas of it, such as below:

First, we can use it as shelve in the kitchen. We know that there are so many various things in the kitchen that should be stored. Well, using a shelve that is attached to the wall will make you easy when store it. You can attach it in front of the window, so that you can get beautiful shelve in your kitchen. But, remember that you have to attach it across the bank of your windows.

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Second, you can use a nook as the best place to attach shelves. Nook may look so weird when you let it as empty nook. So, attaching shelves to the nook will really useful for you. It can improve the esthetic look, and you can also store miniature, books, flower vase, and many more.

Third, you can use wide wall to attach shelves. For example, you can use bedroom wall to attach one or more shelves. Make it becomes long shelves and you can decorate it with various arts, objects, and also paints.

Four, you can match shelves with other furniture. For example if you need shelves in your kitchen, match the color of shelves with your kitchen cabinet. And if you want to attach it in your bedroom, then you can match it with your bedroom color or bedroom furniture color. It will make you get beautiful interior design.

Fifth, you can create triangle shelves in the nook. It is really simple, and may so small to store things. But, it will create exotic look in your favorite room. You can also use it for storing your favorite things or objects.

Well, those are some ideas or tips for you to create shelves that are attached to the wall. When you use the ideas above properly, you will have beautiful interior design that makes your home more beautiful. Finally, hopefully the information above will be useful for you.

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