5 Brilliant Firewood Storage Ideas You Have to Try

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Some people always need firewood as main material for their fireplace. For people who have so much firewood, sometime they need good storage for storing their firewood. Actually, there are so many firewood storage ideas that can be the recommendation.
Talking about firewood storage, we just need to think smartly because some brilliant ideas can be tried without using difficult tool. We just need simple stuff and steps to create useful firewood storage. Here are some ideas about firewood storage that may become your recommendation:

First is firewood storage under bench. We may be so familiar with bench. Bench can be put in many spots in our home and also garden. It is also good idea to store firewood. Storage under bench can be the best place for storing firewood. So, we can use the bench for sitting and also storing firewood.

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Second is A-frame firewood rack. It is also brilliant idea you can try. You just need to screw drain pipe to one of the panels at the top. It is designed to be folded flat once empty. You can use it for storing your firewood comfortably. Besides it, you can also create other firewood rack from CMU blocks and 2x4s wood pieces.

Third is a firewood shelf. It is good idea for you who want to have firewood storage which improves interesting look of your home design. You can use your shelves to store your firewood. When you store firewood at your shelves, it create unique look. You can also combine it with your accessories. For example, your shelves consist of 4 cube racks, and then you can use first rack for storing firewood, and the second rack for storing accessories. Repeat the pattern to make it looks perfect.

Fourth is pallet firewood storage. It is also good idea for you who need simple storage for your firewood. As we know that pallet can be found easily, and we just need to change it into firewood storage by doing some simple steps. If you can’t find pallet, you can also use pieces of wood to create firewood storage box.

Well, those are some information for you about some storage ideas for storing firewood. You can use the ideas that have been mentioned to create best storage for firewood. You can also use your imagination and creativity to create other storage for firewood. Finally, hopefully this information will be useful for you, especially for you who need inspiration for creating best firewood storage.

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