4 Laundry Room Ideas You have to Try Immediately

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Do you have a laundry room? If so, you have to know about laundry room ideas. Talking about laundry room, some people may think that it is just a simple room and not important to decorate. That is a wrong assumption because having an interesting laundry room will make your home interior looks more interesting.
There are so many ideas about laundry room. We can decorate it as our desire. But for you who feel so confuse to choose best design or theme for your laundry room, here are some ideas you can try:

First is Eastern theme. You can add warm bamboo cabinet to give eastern feel in your laundry room. Not only bamboo cabinet, you can also add rattan baskets, live plants, soothing tones of lavender, and many more. You can also add center island for sewing, folding and crafting while cabinet can be used for storing bulky appliances.

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Second is Victoria Does Laundry theme. It is for you who like simple touch that looks calm and beautiful. You just need to decorate your laundry room using pretty pink wallpaper and white flooring, Place an overhead cabinetry for ironing and storing washer and dryer. You can also add small table that can be used for folding and sewing.

Third is French country theme. It is also simple theme you can use for decorating your laundry room. The use of a French country sink makes the laundry room more interesting. Tall cabinet with glass fronted accent also looks interesting and useful for storing laundry tools. To make your laundry room more beautiful, you can add floral rug, so your laundry will look charming.

Fourth is neutral theme. It is for you who like simple and elegant theme. A set of neutral palete will make your laundry room more comfortable and interesting. You just need to install French door painted with chalkboard, floor to ceiling cabinet and cabinet over the washer. Floor to ceiling cabinet can be used for storing various items such as brooms, vacuum cleaners, ironing board and mops, while cabinet over the washer can be used as storage for laundry essentials.

Actually, there are still many ideas about laundry room. You can combine some theme or style to get the best decoration for your laundry room. You can also use one of ideas mentioned before. Then, you will get comfortable and interesting laundry room. Finally, hopefully this information will be useful for you.

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